Metroid: Other M Could Have Been On-Rails

By Shawn Collier on March 11, 2010, 11:30PM EDT

When one thinks of Metroid, a rail-shooter is one genre that would never be applied to the series. According to a statement from Nintendo's Yoshio Sakamoto, Metroid: Other M could have become exactly that without Team Ninja's help.

Sakamoto, which is most known for being the co-creator of the Metroid series and the producer of the popular WarioWare franchise, spoke today during a session at GDC 2010 entitled "From Metroid to Tomodachi Collection to WarioWare: Different Approaches for Different Audiences". According to Sakamoto, he wanted the game to be played solely with the Wii Remote, saying that "Samus should move along a set path, as long as the camera angle was capable of keeping up with the action". For a series that is known for being open-ended in letting the players explore the world, this would be quite a shift.

When Team Ninja became involved in the title they suggested using the Nunchuk in addition to the Wii Remote, but Sakamoto wouldn't budge. Instead, they suggested the 3D map which allowed Samus to move to other points using the Wii Remote's control pad which Nintendo revealed during their media summit last month. According to Sakamoto, the control scheme was "perfect".

Gamers who want to test out this new control scheme will have to wait till this June when Metroid: Other M is released in North America.

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