Mirror's Edge Took 7 Years To Make

By Kyle Wynen on March 1, 2010, 6:48PM EDT

We've been teasing our interview with Co-founder and former CEO of DICE, Fredrik Liliegren, in sections, but before we drop the entire thing, we thought it'd be just to highlight Liliegren's thoughts on Mirror's Edge.

While Mirror's Edge was received fairly well by reviewers, the game didn't catch on with gamers all that much. Here's how our questions went:

Gaming Union: What do you think of DICE's choice to make Mirror's Edge, and now that they're developing a sequel?

Liliegren: Knowing that that product was in development for about seven years.. [laughs] and given that it wasn't Mirror's Edge when we started, but it was one team working on 'the new IP' for seven years, I think they did a strong final. They did something different that people hadn't done before. I think it needed a second generation so they can tweak on it, I played it a little bit.

GU: Do you think it was a good idea for them to make that, compared to making more of what's already been successful for them?

Liliegren: I think they were given an opportunity, and that was stated throughout the seven years "to come up with something different," and I think that they did that. I think they achieved that goal. I think they learned a lot, and I think that they definitely got a lot of press out of it, [an] insane amount of press actually, given that they didn't really sell that well. So I think it raised DICE itself for a developer that thinks out of the box.

Incase you're wondering, Liliegren departed DICE when EA bought out the company. At the time Liliegren was managing DICE Canada, but when EA bought DICE, they decided to shut down that studio. Since then Liliegren formed another studio called Antic Entertainment, which we just so happened to do an interview about.

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