Modern Warfare 2 DLC Release Borked

By Adam Ma on March 30, 2010, 9:10AM EDT

Players eagerly awaiting the opportunity to play their downloaded Stimulus Package maps may have to wait a little longer, as the Stimulus and Pro Stimulus game modes for Modern Warfare 2 appear to be broken. Anyone trying to use the DLC will notice that the map pictures don't always load, or are loading with their file name instead of their full name. The game lobby also seems to be hitting an infinite loop of adding and dropping players, never actually starting a map. If this goes on long enough, the lobby will eventually boot you claiming that it cannot find the map associated with the playlist, whether you've actually downloaded it or not.

There's been no word from Infinity Ward as to exactly what the issue is here, or if its a temporary bug associated with Xbox Live. It's also unclear at this time if the maps are simply unplayable in the Stimulus/Pro Stimulus modes, or if they simply cannot be played in any gametype. Gaming Union will have an update as soon as the issue is fixed, as well as a review of the DLC when it becomes playable.

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