Official Persona 3 Portable Website Launches

By Shawn Collier on March 29, 2010, 6:50PM EDT

Those wanting to know more about Persona 3 Portable are in luck, as Atlus has just launched the official website for the game. Persona 3 Portable is a PSP port of the original PS2 hit, with some new additions to entice both new and original fans.

Persona 3 Portable includes all of the extras found in the Director's Cut version of the game, Persona 3: FES, as well as some new extras such as being able to play as a female character for the very first time in series (Persona 3-on) and including many of the gameplay and battle tweaks found in Persona 4, which was released back in late 2008.

The title, dubbed P3P, will be available on July 6, 2010. As of yet no word has been given on a PSN version, but considering the remake of Persona was made available there, as well as many of Atlus's most recent PSP titles, it's very likely the publisher will be releasing it on PSN as well.

Source: Atlus

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