Portal 2 Coming To Macs

By Colin Tan on March 7, 2010, 10:03PM EDT

Earlier this month, Valve released images of Gordon Freeman in an iMac HEV suit and an iPod-esque Heavy Weapons Guy discreetly teasing an Apple related announcement. The developer even released an update for Steam that showed hints of the digital distribution software supporting Macs.

Now in this week's issue of Game Informer Magazine, not only did they reveal the first details of Portal 2, but it's clearly shown that the game will be released on the Microsoft's Xbox 360, PC and - wait for it - Macs.

Beforehand, Mac gamers could only enjoy the use of Steam and the majority of games if they owned a PC alongside their Mac, by dual booting Windows or running it simultaneously via Parallels or third party software. With Valve taking this step towards supporting Macs, perhaps gamers will see even more games head its way. Team Fortress 2 anyone?

Source: Kotaku

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