3D Gaming Convention Coming April 21st

By Jamie Courts on April 14, 2010, 10:59AM EDT

With 3D games picking up steam more and more with announcements coming from Sony and Nintendo about 3D hardware, it seems inevitable to have some sort of collective on this technology. Well, it may not be a collective, there is now going to be a summit involving stereoscopic tech and how it is implemented in games.

The 3D Gaming Summit is promising to be almost entirely dedicated to stereoscopic 3D gaming and the business of 3D tech in games. Being held on April 21 and 22 at the Hilton Los Angeles, some of the biggest names in gaming will show up to discuss and feature their tech. Some of the companies involved are Sony, as well as NVIDIA, two companies on the forefront of this 3D push.

There will also be speakers including Mark Rein, Co-Founder of Epic Games, Jon Landau, Producer of Avatar, Alan Price, CTO of EA Canada, as well as Jesse Stern, Writer for Modern Warfare 2. So it seems as if there will be some interesting talks involving 3D on some huge games like the Call of Duty series.

Whether you're for or against all of this 3D stuff, it seems as if it's coming full force no matter what. We can probably expect some interesting developments come out of this summit as well if it involves some big industry people working on games that haven't had any announcement of 3D tech previously.

Source: 3D Gaming Summit

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