42 Percent Failure Rate On 360 In Recent Survey

By Jamie Courts on April 15, 2010, 1:37PM EDT

Although failure rates tend to decline as a system releases new iterations, it seems that the Xbox 360 and its notorious red ring of death and failure rate problem is still prevalent in almost half of the systems. According to a study done by NoFussReviews, 42 percent of 500 000 people asked in a survey had failures with their Xbox 360 unit.

This study also included both the PlayStation 3 and Wii systems, although their failure rates seemed a lot more reasonable. The PlayStation 3 was a distant second in failure rates with only 8 percent of people surveyed, while the Wii had only a 1 percent failure rate out of all three.

The scariest part of the survey was that there was also a massive amount of multiple repairs reported in the survey. 55 percent of the people with failed systems also reported more than one repair of their system, and a whopping 39 percent required more than two repairs or replacements.

These numbers do not bode well for Microsoft. Plus, it's always sad when people have systems that just don't work. Although it's not really specific on which models failed, hopefully the 360s will increase their performance as new models come out, for everyone's sake.

The survey was conducted across No Fuss' network for 280 days, starting in July 2009. To avoid duplicate submissions, the network required an email address, and stored cookies in voters browsers, among other tactics.

Source: NoFussReviews

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