Apple Announces Online Game Service For Touch Platforms

By Jamie Courts on April 8, 2010, 2:54PM EDT

Today was Apple's Keynote presentation highlighting the features of the new OS 4 for touch platforms. This update includes the iPhone, iPod Touch and the newly released iPad. There were a few features noted in this presentation, but one of the major updates teased was a new network built for games entitled 'Game Center'.

This new network is being built from the ground up by Apple and will integrate any game based apps into its interface. This will allow for community features such as friends lists, multiplayer matchmaking, as well as achievements that can be unlocked within the games.

Although this was only sort of teased, what they are talking about is a huge development and a massive step toward turning the iPhone into a legitimate gaming device which could compete with other handhelds in the market. Expect more details, as well as a release, sometime this summer from apple.

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