Blizzard Tease StarCraft 2 Collector's Edition And Release Date

By Alex on April 8, 2010, 1:13PM EDT

In a press release today, Blizzard announced the collector's edition for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, along with all the juicy bonuses it contains. Should you pick up the collector's edition, you'll get:

"¢ The 176 page art book for StarCraft II, Wings of Liberty

"¢ An exclusive 2GB USB flash drive replica of Jim Raynor's dog tag, which includes the original StarCraft and the StarCraft: Brood War expansion set

"¢ A behind-the-scenes DVD containing over an hour of developer interviews, cinematics with director's commentary, and more

"¢ The official StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty soundtrack CD, which contains 14 tracks from the game along with exclusive bonus tracks

"¢ A StarCraft comic book issue 0, a prequel to the comic series

"¢ A WoW in-game pet that can be applied to all WoW characters on your account (A mini-Thor!)

"¢ Lastly, exclusive downloadable content, including special portraits for your profile, decals for in-game units, and a unique Terran Thor unit

Collector's Editions of games are hardly ever cheap, and StarCraft II's is no exception. Priced at $99.99 USD it's on the pricier side of things, but Mike Morhaime, Blizzard's CEO and Co-Founder, wanted to "offer an epic collector's edition that commemorated the occasion... This special version of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty - easily our biggest collector's edition to date - does just that, and we think StarCraft II gamers will really enjoy all of the exclusive contents."

It just seems odd that they would include a WoW pet, because if we keep playing WoW, how are we supposed to log 30 -60 hours into the multiplayer?

Blizzard will announce StarCraft II's release date in "the coming weeks".

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