Capcom Responds to Final Fight Double Impact DRM Concerns

By Shawn Collier on April 23, 2010, 9:12PM EDT

Those who recently purchased Final Fight: Double Impact may have noticed an issue when they tried playing the game offline --- namely, the game doesn't work. After an alleged response from Capcom was posted on IGN's message board, the company has come out and is publicly talking about the DRM.

Normally, a notification for a game that requires a constant PSN connection is made clear when the game is purchased. Capcom has stated that they included said notification in the European release of the game, but both the Japanese and North American releases accidentally left out the notification due to an oversight.

Capcom has stated that they "acted quickly with Sony Computer Entertainment America" and ensures that the issue will be addressed. Due to the way the statement was released, it's likely that they will be adding a notification, not removing the actual DRM. The full press statement from Capcom can be found below:

"Capcom would like to formally apologize for the issues consumers are having with the PS3 version of Final Fight: Double Impact. Typically, the notification for a required PlayStation Network connection appears in the full game description when a game is downloaded from the PlayStation Store. Unfortunately when populating this content this detail was overlooked and wasn't included in the versions of the game that released in North America and Asia. It was included in the release for Europe. Capcom should have checked to make sure the notification was included when the final game was made available and we sincerely apologize for this oversight.

The DRM requirements for Final Fight: Double Impact are not unique to this release. This protection mechanism has been implemented in numerous games offered on the PlayStation Store before. When it was brought to our attention that the notification was missing, we acted quickly with Sony Computer Entertainment America and a fix is on the Way.

We would like to thank our vigilant fans for bringing this to our attention and we will exercise better scrutiny on future Capcom releases."

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