Crackdown 2 To Feature 'Thousands Of Enemies On Screen'

By Jamie Courts on April 15, 2010, 10:30AM EDT

GameTrailers recently interviewed Peter Connelly, Executive Producer on Crackdown 2, about the multiplayer and sandbox aspects of Crackdown 2. Apparently there will be a much larger scope than its predecessor with more swarms of enemies and new weapons and gadgets to play with in the world of Crackdown 2.

In the interview, Connelly spoke of all the enemies that players will come up against in the game stating, "During the day you've got to battle against The Cell, which is the remnants of the gangs and civilians who have joined together against The Agency. So you've got quite a formidable set of adversaries with thousands of characters on screen for you to mow over or eradicate which ever way you see fit."

That's right, thousands of on-screen enemies to face off against at one time. What will that do for the framerate though? If they can lock it in, thousands at once could be very impressive. Either way, players can get their hands on this insane sandbox game on July 6th in North America and on July 9th in Europe.

Source: GameTrailers

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