Crysis 2 Premiere Leads To New Countdown Clock

By Jamie Courts on April 7, 2010, 11:28AM EDT

Crytek went big yesterday, premiering the newest Crysis 2 trailer in New York City, on the big screen at Times Square. Now, the trailer has made it online for the world to see, and not just New Yorkers.

The video highlights pictures of anonymous people, followed by an empty, litter filled Times Square. There is a figure wearing a Nanosuit and walking alone down the street, picking up a note that blew to his feet. There is then a link to their website at the very end of the video.

The interesting thing is that the link to their website now features an infamous countdown clock which leads to some unveiling taking place at noon EST this Friday. Could this be a longer trailer, or more details on the game? Only time will tell.

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