Crytek Supporting Motion And 3D In CryEngine 3

By Jamie Courts on April 19, 2010, 10:05AM EDT

With all the latest build up in the industry on motion tech and 3D in games lately, some may wonder what is happening with some up and coming games and what they are doing, or not doing, with this technology. Crytek is apparently one of the developers fully on board with both 3D and motion controlled gaming.

Crytek's CEO, Cervat Yerli, says that Crytek is, "working very closely with Sony and Microsoft in regards to motion control on both the PS3 and Xbox 360," leaving many to believe that their upcoming title, Crysis 2, may implement some of these new Natal and Move features into the first-person shooter.

Yerli has also said that the studio is working with 3D tech as well, stating that, "I think people are starting to wake up and take notice that 3D is on its way, it's not long before developers are taking advantage of it."

Of course nothing is set in stone yet, but it seems most logical that Crysis 2 will be implementing this technology as well as anything that may use the newest iteration of CryEngine 3. The most interesting thing will be to see how the motion technology will actually work on either system with a game like Crysis 2.

Source: CVG

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