DICE: Medal of Honor Multiplayer Not Bad Company 2 Clone

By Alex on April 2, 2010, 2:44PM EDT

While DICE, the studio behind Battlefield: Bad Company 2, is developing the multiplayer component for EA Los Angeles' upcoming Medal of Honor reboot, the two games will be very different. Naturally this has raised a few concerns on the similarities of the games. However in an interview with IGN, Battlefield: Bad Company 2's producer Gordon Van Dyke has put down any concerns saying,

"I don't think that we think about it like that. Again, it's a different experience. We're just trying to provide a great experience. It's just like if you went and saw one action move and then another one came out that year, you're not gonna say, 'Oh, I'm not going to go see that one.' If it was the same director, maybe you'd want to go see that other one even more. I think it's more like it's good for all of us, because Medal of Honor's a cool franchise, it gives us the ability to express ourselves through multiplayer in a bit of a different way."

Both games have a similar focus, being in a modern theatre of war and pushing more towards realism than one-man heroics. One key difference could be since BFBC2 concentrates on large battles and team-based fighting, Medal of Honor may be a smaller, individual skill based multiplayer with a more urban combat feel.

Source: IGN

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