Disgaea Infinite Promo Trailer And Gameplay Videos Unleased

By Kyle Wynen on April 7, 2010, 10:45AM EDT

Disgaea is a ridiculously over-the-top franchise, in the good sense, and NIS America continues to have way too much fun promoting it, thanks to the release of the latest Disgaea Infinite promotional trailer.

Disgaea Infinite is an upcoming June release for the PSP, and can be describe as a visual novel adventure game, or as NIS America puts it, "The Ultimate grind-fest has reincarnated as a PSP Adventure game!". Alongside likely another quality-outrageous (oxymoron much?) Disgaea storyline, players guide the course of the story by way of possessing characters. We're looking forward to the game, if only to see if this style of game really is fun. Disgaea seems like just the series to make the venture.

Along with the promotional trailer for Disgaea Infinite, NIS America also released three English gameplay trailers. Check them all out below, dood.

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