Duke Nukem Forever Gameplay Trailer Continues Conspiracy Theories

By Kyle Wynen on April 5, 2010, 10:43AM EDT

Remember that game that was in development for ten years, then canned? Right, Duke Nukem Forever, we've all heard the news of the fabled failure for a long time now. While yes it's getting old, more news and screens of the game keep coming out of the wood work, like today, a new gameplay trailer has popped up on YouTube.

Call us conspiracy theorists, but this haul of Duke Nukem Forever media just makes it all look like it's a marketing-run gone wild. This isn't simply leaked footage, it's a well edited, three minute trailer complete with Duke Nukem quotes, music, sound effects, and can be viewed in HD. Not to mention the game looks basically finished in the video. It's all a bit fishy.

The Duke can be seen fighting an underwater super worm, dismembering a few beastly sewer pig monsters, picking off flying alien-like monsters in a warehouse, driving a monster truck around a canyon, and blowing up more baddies in an old wild west town strip. Feast your eyes on the video below.

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