Epic Games Announcement On Late Night Postponed To Monday

By Jamie Courts on April 8, 2010, 11:55AM EDT

The announcement that Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinski, leading man behind Gears of War, was supposed to make tonight has been postponed to next Monday night. The schedule change has been made since 'pop music wonder-kid' Justin Beiber will be making an appearance in his stead.

Through his Twitter page, Bleszinski posted, "As much as I'd like to start a fight with @justinbieber the truth of the matter is that we wanted to take a couple more days to polish what we're showing. Sorry all, appreciate your patience! Unfortunately, 11th hour decisions do happen in entertainment. (You'll like what you see.)"

Although this is a little disappointing to have a delay on this announcement, it's good to hear that they're going to take advantage of the time and polish the game up a little more. Plus I can't let Justin Beiber make a liar out of me by not updating the announcement time.

Source: Twitter

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