Final Fantasy Gaiden Title Going International

By Jamie Courts on April 8, 2010, 3:27PM EDT

After selling out in Japan, The 4 Heroes of Light: Final Fantasy Gaiden developers, Square Enix, have decided to take the Nintendo DS game to an international level. So far, the company is speculating dropping the Final Fantasy title form the game and releasing it under The 4 Heroes of Light for the international release.

It's interesting that they may be dropping 'Final Fantasy' since offshoots of most Final Fantasy games tend not to sell so well under the Final Fantasy umbrella. Even though The 4 Heroes of Light is a more traditional RPG as opposed to some other titles such as Tactics, this may be a step in the right direction for the series in an international sense.

So far there is no expected release date for Europe or North America, but more details from Square Enix are likely on their way in the near future. It will be interesting to see how this new title does in the West. Either it will carry the momentum to a global scale, or it could end up like Dragon Quest games usually do in the Western world.

Source: Silicon Era

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