First New Pokémon Black/White Details Emerge

By Shawn Collier on April 10, 2010, 8:29PM EDT

As we stated before when Pokémon Black/White were officially announced, new information about both games was to be expected before the official website reveal on April 15. Scans from CoroCoro have just been released, which have revealed new information about the new games.

While no artwork of the male and female main characters were released, we do get to see the in-game sprites for both of them. The female character features pink clothing and a hat and ponytail, while the male character features blue clothing and the same hat, but turned backwards. It looks like the Pokémon Centers will now have a dual-function as a Poke Mart, and in-game dialogue will occur via speech bubbles instead of a generic text box at the bottom of the screen.

Battles also appear to be improved slightly, showing the full back sprite of the Pokémon instead of just the upper part of their sprite. The viewpoint also seems to be skewed slightly, giving battles more of a 3D feel. No battle HUD is shown, so improvements to the stat displays is unknown at this time.

CoroCoro also mentions that players can ride "never-before-seen" vehicles, and there is what appears to be a car next to a bridge in one of the images in the scan, so this may be what they were referring to. The skewed 3D field in some areas also seems to be enhanced, as one of the images shows the character walking in a large city where they are walking in a circle instead of in four set directions. A "third evolution" for Pokémon is also mentioned, although no specific details were mentioned.

More information about the titles should be revealed next Thursday (Japan time) when the official website is updated.


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