Flower Soundtrack Available On PSN This Week

By Jamie Courts on April 5, 2010, 4:22PM EDT

For fans of the ever relaxing game Flower, the PlayStation blog has announced that the game's soundtrack will be getting the downloadable treatment on PSN this Thursday.

Dustin Diamante, Composer of Flower's soundtrack, also shared some of his feelings in working with the game on the blog. "I started playing the game. And playing it. And playing it some more. I believe there were a few days in that year of working on Flower when I drove over to thatgamecompany and 'worked' by playing the game for eight hours straight. Yes, I was having fun with the game, but I was also meditating, internalizing the rhythm, shape, and color of the world."

The music was definitely a major component of Flower, and having the soundtrack available to listen to anytime for $2.99 is a nice idea. For those Flower aficionados out there, look for the Flower soundtrack on the PlayStation Store this Thursday.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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