Halo: Reach Special Editions Confirmed, No Cat Helmet In Sight!

By Nick Young on April 22, 2010, 12:29PM EDT

When Halo 3 was released to the public with three different editions to choose from, many people probably thought "who would pay £70 for a silly helmet?" Well, quite a few people apparently.

In any case, Halo: Reach will be getting similar treatment. There will be three editions of the game to choose from, each one better than the last, here is a rundown of what each edition will include.

The Standard Edition will include, you guessed it, the game, but sadly that is all you will get for the price of £39.99.

The Limited Edition will set you back £59.99 and this includes the game disc housed in an ONI 'black box', an Elite armour set for multiplayer use and an artifact bag containing Dr. Halsey's personal journey and some classified documents.

The Legendary Edition will include all of the contents of the Limited Editon but on top of that, it will come with an expertly crafted and numbered statue of Noble Team. It will also contain an exclusive multiplayer Spartan armour effect and the whole package will be wrapped up in UNSC-themed custom packaging. All of this for the pricely sum of £99.99.

Halo: Reach Legendary Edition

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