Kane And Lynch 2: Dog Days Extended Trailer Features Pantsless Chasing

By Jamie Courts on April 7, 2010, 1:52PM EDT

IO Interactive has released a trailer for their newest game, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. This crazy, criminal couple is back, except this time they are apparently running rampant in the streets of Shanghai. Expect quite a bit of action from this 'extended cut' of their newest trailer.

The trailer highlights a lot of the apparent gunplay and cover system of the game. Lots of running, chasing, diving, and dodging is frequently shown here, as well as the night life backdrop of a modern day Shanghai. There is also an odd little scene involving a woman being chase down the street with no pants on. Saucy!

The video is actually pretty violent, and contains some mature content, so anyone under 18 has been well warned. Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days is set for release on August 24 For the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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