Leona Lewis Opens Final Fantasy XIII Giveaway

By Nick Young on April 15, 2010, 3:07PM EDT

Final Fantasy XIII was released not long ago and fans of the Square Enix franchise may be happy to know that there are ten copies of the game (5 for Xbox360 and 5 for PS3) to win thanks to Leona Lewis.

Fans may no doubt remember that Leona Lewis's song 'My Hands' became the theme to the Western release of the game, and in honour of this her official website will be sending out the ten games along with signed items in a lucky draw. All fans have to do is send an email to either of the adresses below along with their name, age, address and their type of gaming console.

PS3 owners should use the email: LeonaLewisContestPS3@sonymusic.com

Xbox360 owners should use the email: LeonaLewisContestXbox@sonymusic.com

Unfortunately the competition is exclusive only to America and the District of Columbia so hard luck Europe, fans also have to be 16+ to enter, the rest of the competition details can be found here.

Good luck for those who enter.

Source: LeonaLewismusic

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