Microsoft and Infinity Ward Offer Free Avatar Headgear This Weekend

By Alex on April 2, 2010, 12:04PM EDT

Activision, Infinity Ward, and Microsoft have partnered up in a triple threat to offer a free Xbox Live download this weekend for fans of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Until Sunday ir will be possible to download a pair of night vision goggles for your Avatar, for free! The in-game advantages of the night vision goggles have yet to be tested as Modern Warfare 2 does not include them in the multiplayer component, but rest assured that your Avatar will be able to keep watching all of your friends' Avatars, especially when it gets dark out.

This was possibly made in retaliation to DICE and EA, who are currently offering a map pack consisting of two new maps, free of charge. However no Battlefield: Bad Company 2 gear currently exists for your Xbox Live Avatar, much less for free.

Make sure you log on this weekend to pick up the night vision goggles for free, as they are available to all Xbox Live Gold account users, not just those who purchase the Stimulus Map Package.

Source: Kotaku

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