Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Is Free This Weekend On Steam

By Jamie Courts on April 7, 2010, 1:13PM EDT

Steam has a special deal for shooter fans who don't already own Modern Warfare 2 on the PC. This Thursday, from April 8 till the end of the weekend, players will be able to play Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer for free. There is also the option to pre-load the game before the start date, that way players can jump right in and be ready to go from the first minute of the free shooter fest.

This is most likely in response to the free multiplayer weekend 360 users had to celebrate the new map pack release. Hey, if console users can, why can't PC users get in on some of that free action too? Apparently somebody over at Infinity Ward or Steam had that thought.

This may even turn around the boycotters from the initial release of the game. Plus, it's hard to turn down free games, even if it is only for four days. So if you're one of those Steam users without a copy yet, go grab one and get psyched.

Source: Steam

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