Netflix Now Available For Wii Owners

By Jamie Courts on April 12, 2010, 4:57PM EDT

For those American residents looking to get Netflix streaming while only having a Wii system, you are now in luck. Netflix subscribers can now get a software disc delivered to their home which allows for net streaming of all of the movies from the Netflix streaming video service.

This means that millions more now have easy access to streaming video content straight to their televisions. Just a reminder though, streaming is only available to US residents. For those who are unsure how to get their disc can go right here to get started for streaming movies.

This is a great way to wrap up a family system for the home, since now it works with games and movies for the family. The only real downside is that this is only standard definition support. That maybe alright for some, but I can't stand SD movies on an HD screen. Well, at least it's better to have it than not at all.

Source: Joystiq

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