Okami Successor, Okamiden, Coming To North America

By Jamie Courts on April 20, 2010, 1:05PM EDT

As a part of Capcom's massive press release, Okami's successor has today been announced as part of the upcoming lineup of Capcom games in North America and Europe for the next year. Okamiden is a DS title that takes place shortly after the events of Okami, which was previously on both the PlayStation 2 and Wii systems.

Okamiden will keep the same method of combat and puzzle solving by using the celestial brush to cut enemies and stir up winds, among other powers. As a DS title, the paintbrush theme may have found the system that fits the game best since it involves using a pen tool already.

Okamiden is still a while off though, with a release date set for the first quarter of 2011. So far it sounds like an exciting platform for Okami to come to, and it may just Give Nintendo a run for their money with their Zelda titles on the DS.

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