Old Spice Advertises Through Xbox Live Indie Games

By Jamie Courts on April 5, 2010, 12:19PM EDT

In a move by deodorant giant Old Spice, three new games have shown up on the Xbox Live Marketplace under the 'Indie Games' category. These three new titles are all very heavily Old Spice ad infused games that have been built to advertise the new line of deodorants from the company.

These games include Newton Vs. The Horde which involves attacking 'Stinky Zombies' with deodorant to keep freshness in the world, The Fresh Card Game which consists of gambling to be 'The Freshest', and Old Spice Racers, a side scrolling arcade game featuring multiplayer.

It's hard to take any of these games seriously, especially since the games cost 240 points each. It's also hard to believe many people will pay for advertising, although Burger King did have a fairly successful campaign a few years ago selling discs of ad fueled games. Having ads shoved down your throat when playing games is bad enough, but to pay to have that happen? Nonsense.

Source: Xbox 360 Digest

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