PS3 Users Report Firmware 3.30 Game Crashing Bug

By Jordan Douglas on April 26, 2010, 4:37PM EDT

Some PS3 users, specifically those playing Dragon Age: Origins, have been reporting that the recently release firmware 3.30 has caused their games to crash and become unplayable. The problem seems to primarily affect games that require constant updates to non-Sony servers, such as Dragon Age and Avatar.

Bioware's online producer, Fernando Melo, posted on the company's forums to ensure affected users that Bioware is "continuing to work with Sony on trying to resolve why their hardware update would have this affect on [Dragon Age]." He continued, "From your feedback so far (and monitoring the Sony forums and other game sites) we're seeing this as a world wide (region independent) issue."

No official word yet from Sony on a possible solution to the problem.

Source: Bioware

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