PS3's The Agency May Hit Beta Within Weeks

By Jamie Courts on April 1, 2010, 1:00PM EDT

In a video posted recently by GameTrailers, Sony Online Entertainment president, John Smedley, has stated that their PS3/PC MMO, The Agency, could be playable within weeks.

In the discussion with GT, Smedley stated, "Here's an interesting comment I'll make: you're going to see something about The Agency very soon, like weeks. And I mean playing within weeks."

Although vague, it does give a little news regarding this title which had seemingly fallen off the radar as of late. It's also odd to hear about a beta coming this soon with little to no information about the game itself.

The agency has no set release date yet, but is expected to see a full release on PS3 and PC sometime later this year.

Source: GameTrailers

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