Respawn Entertainment May Not Make Shooter First

By Jamie Courts on April 15, 2010, 2:42PM EDT

In a recent interview with Industry Gamers, Vince Zampella and Jason West discussed their new roles as the heads of their new studio partnered with EA, Respawn Entertainment. The two also discussed what direction they are taking with their new IP, and that it may not be a shooter.

When asked about how they will handle new intellectual properties and how they want to retain them unlike Call of Duty, David DeMartini, Head of EA Partners stated, "The guys wanted to have the ability to control IP, to move down a path independently, to form great ideas with the new team, and do what they've always done, which is to create great entertainment experiences. When we heard that story, that's something that's really compelling and we're really excited about, without any specific IP."

With the right to keep their own intellectual properties in studio, the freedom to keep the brand in house will be completely up to them, unlike Call of Duty had with multiple studios working on different iterations of the series.

The biggest factor of the move to EA was that the shooters competing with Call of Duty are already in place, with both Battlefield and Medal of Honor being in the EA stable. Industry Gamers asked what this would mean for Respawn Entertainment and how they would make a unique shooter. Interestingly enough, DeMartini said, "We've entered into a relationship with Respawn without any predisposition about what kind of game they're going to be making. I think identifying their game as a shooter is taking a leap without any connecting of the dots."

So, there is a possibility of Respawn making something other than another shooter. Although it does seem odd a shooter wouldn't be their first game, since so many Infinity Ward employees seem to be making the switch lately.

Source: Industry Gamers

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