Rockstar: Red Dead Redemption Is Our Most Ambitious Title Ever

By Kyle Wynen on April 8, 2010, 2:45PM EDT

There isn't much question as to whether or not Rockstar's upcoming open-world Western-themed game, Red Dead Redemption, will be a success. The game uses the same engine as GTA IV, but the experience is entirely different. Red Dead Redemption has a larger focus on the open world feature, giving players the opportunity to wander around a huge Wild West expanse. Rockstar's UK General Manager, Neil Stephen, in an interview with MCV, said, "Red Dead Redemption is our most ambitious game to date and our biggest release this year,"

Rockstar is also rolling out a large pre-launch campaign for RDR, with Xbox Live contests, themes, and Avatar clothing, a huge Youtube partnership, and even movie trailers complete with foyer posters allowing movie-goers to download content via Bluetooth. Rockstar has also had a few contests revolving around preorder bonuses for Red Dead Redemption, for example GameStop's bonus is the Deadly Assassin Outfit, which players voted for against two other outfits.

Red Dead Redemption will be released on May 18th in North America, and May 21st in the UK.

This story was written by Alex Kalb

Source: MCVUK

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