Sharp May Have The Nintendo 3DS' Screen

By Alex on April 2, 2010, 5:01PM EDT

One question many people asked when hearing of the upcoming Nintendo 3DS was that of how to achieve the 3D effect without the use of glasses. Today it looks like we have an answer! Sharp put out a press release today showcasing their new 3D, glasses-less screen.

Some facts leading us to conclude that it will be the new DS screen? Well, it's small - 2.4 or 3.4 inches, meaning even in the larger size it's roughly the size of the DSi XL's screen. It's also quite hi-res at 480x854 pixels, and Nintendo mentioned having sharper graphics was a priority on the 3DS. Here's the kicker, though - it's available in touchscreen and non-touchscreen. Now being new hardware, Nintendo may choose to forgo the touchscreen option for the new generation of games, although it's unlikely. Nintendo also said the 3DS would be fully backwards compatible with older DS and DSi games, so the screen they choose to use needs that function as well.

Now with each new iteration of the DS, Nintendo has given their handheld a better and brighter screen, and Sharp's new 3D screen fits the bill there as well. The larger of the two screens has the same contrast ratio as a nicer computer LCD screen, and the brightness is almost twice as high.

Akihabara News even had a hands-on with the new screens, one thing they mention specifically is the ghosting effect on the screen is non-existent, which was a bit of an issue on the DS and the DSi. Another choice quote says the "colors and brightness are as good as advertised" which is always good news.

Stay tuned while we keep you updated on any updates involving the 3DS.

Source: Sharp

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