Sonic 4 Leaked Mine Cart Footage Disappoints Many

By Jamie Courts on April 5, 2010, 3:12PM EDT

A short while ago, footage from the new Sonic 4 was leaked revealing the infamous mine cart level that had been speculated for some time now. Even though this footage is unofficial and filmed off a screen, it does look genuine, and rather unfortunate.

It doesn't really seem to look all that good, but it is hard to tell since it looks like the person playing it is either playing poorly or is having a hard time with the controls. Either way, this 'classic game throwback' level seems pretty atrocious.

Although cart levels have been gone a while, it doesn't mean Sonic of all characters should bring them back. The whole time watching the video one can't help but think, "Why doesn't he just get out of the cart and run like Sonic is supposed to?"

Source: Joystiq

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