Sony's Motion Fighter Renamed The Fight: Lights Out

By Colin Tan on April 18, 2010, 10:01AM EDT

Sony's PlayStation Move bare knuckle brawler has been renamed to The Fight: Lights Out, as revealed by the producer of the game, John McLaughlin. The game was first seen at this years GDC and was among the few titles demonstrated for the Move.

Along with the name change, McLaughlin also says that the team has been hard at work with recording a ton of motion capture for the game. The interview shows some pretty nifty mechanics, ducking, weaving and dodging can be done simply by shifting the controllers around along with your body.

Fighting fair and square isn't the only method to victory either as the game also allows for players to fight dirty. The interview shows off some dirty moves like hammer fists and headlocks. Check it out below.

Source: PlayStation.Blog

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