Super Street Fighter IV Comes to Arcades

By Shawn Collier on April 4, 2010, 7:38PM EDT

Capcom has just announced that Super Street Fighter IV, which up until now had only been announced on the Xbox 360 and PS3, will be coming to arcades in Japan. The news came during a recent tournament in Japan for the original game.

Super Street Fighter IV is an upgraded version of the original Street Fighter IV with tweaks to the gameplay mechanics along with a host of new characters, ranging from new characters such as Hakan and Juri, to old-school favorites like Dudley and T. Hawk.

After giving copies of the game to the winner of the tournament, the title of the game and the word "arcade" were mentioned, which garnered a loud cheer from the crowd. No word was mentioned about a release of the arcade version outside of Japan, and when Kotaku asked Capcom USA's Seth Killian, he only mentioned that fans had been asking for it for a long time coming. One should note that the arcade version of the original title never was officially sold outside of Japan, with only a few arcades in North America importing the cabinet.

Source: Shadowloo

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