Trailer Hits For Meaty Mid-April Skate 3 Demo

By Kyle Wynen on April 6, 2010, 10:26AM EDT

Talk about knowing what to put into a demo, EA and Black Box today announced that a meaty demo of Skate 3 will hit Xbox Live and PSN on April 15th. The demo drops players off in the University District in the "all-new skater's paradise" of Port Carverton, with lots of single and multiplayer fun to be had.

Challenges to be available in the demo include Domination, Own the Lot, and Hall of Meat (see, our pun was based on something). Coach Frank also makes his in-game debut for those that download the free demo. Alongside Frank helping players perfect their skating skills, those that snatch the demo also get to play around with the "object dropper", which essentially allows players to place extra items around the district to incorporate into their tricks.

The great Skate replay editor will also make it into the demo. The full game hits retail on May 11th in North America, and Internationally May 14th, for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Check out the promotional Skate 3 demo trailer below.

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