Ubisoft Discontinuing Manuals From All PS3 And Xbox 360 Titles

By Jamie Courts on April 19, 2010, 5:26PM EDT

Fans of game manuals may be a little upset as Ubisoft has stated today that they will begin removing paper manuals from copies of all PS3 and Xbox 360 games starting this fall. This means that there will only be a disc in a box with a link to a digital manual inside for upcoming Ubisoft games.

Of course this is all part of a green initiative being spurred by Ubisoft to reduce paper waste and overusing of resources. In a company statement, Ubisoft points out the reason for addressing this issue, 'Ubisoft internal data shows that producing one ton of paper used in Ubisoft's game manuals consumes an average of two tons of wood from 13 trees, with a net energy of 28 million BTU's (equivalent to average heating and energy for one home/year), greenhouse gases equivalent of over 6,000 lbs of CO2, and wastewater of almost 15,000 gallons.'

You can really see why something like this would kick in. Besides, most people don't even bother reading the manual anymore these days, what with all the fancy tutorials and beginner levels and such. This plan will start with Shaun White Skateboarding in the paperless initiative.

Source: VG247

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