White Knight Chronicles 2 Features Online Mode Transformations

By Shawn Collier on April 4, 2010, 7:11PM EDT

Those who played the original White Knights Chronicles, which released in North America and Europe earlier this year, may have noticed some glaring issues with the game, such as the inability to transform into the knight during multiplayer mode. According to the latest tweets from one of the staff members at Level 5 working on the game, it appears that the sequel will fix some of those issues.

White Knight Chronicles 2 is the sequel to the original White Knight Chronicles. The game was revealed at TGS 2009, but little information has been revealed about the game since then, except for the fact that the game will be quicker thanks to some gameplay tweaks in and out of battle.

Director Yoshiaki Kusuda put up two images of the game on his Twitter account. The first image showed the ability to transform into a knight in the game's multiplayer mode. The other image showed the ability to attach accessories to the character, such as cat ears, bunny ears or even a tiara. White Knight Chronicles 2 is set to be released this Summer in Japan. No localization announcements have been made for North America or Europe.

Source: Twitter (via Level 5 Dev.)

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