Xbox 360 Dashboard Dates Gears Of War 3 For April 2011

By Colin Tan on April 9, 2010, 11:42AM EDT

Surprise surprise, the release date for Epic's Gears of War 3 seems to have been confirmed, according to the Xbox 360 Dashboard Spotlight, no less. It looks like the conclusion to the war with the Locust Horde will hit sometime in April of 2011.

This is quite the development considering Epic's Cliff Bleszinski had recently postponed his "big reveal" announcement that was set to take place on Jimmy Fallon's late night show. Many expect it to be the final Gears of War game which supposedly has some pretty interesting additions to its gameplay mechanics. Either way, we'll have to wait until Monday for the actual announcement.

The spotlight's been removed from the watchful eyes of the public as of now, according to VG247.

Source: All Games Beta

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