Alan Wake DLC Announced With July 27 Release

By Jamie Courts on May 18, 2010, 1:24PM EDT

Hot off the heels of Alan Wake's release, Microsoft has announced the title of the first DLC pack available to the game. The first DLC title will be called "The Signal" and will release on July 27. "The Signal" will take place just after the main story of Alan Wake has been completed, though no further details were given regarding what the DLC pack consists of.

There was no pricing set for this Downloadable story extension, but for those who bought Alan Wake new, the pack will be free as long as players provide the code included with each new copy of Alan Wake sold. Players who purchase the game used will have to wait and find out.

July 27 does seem like quite a wait for this package, and it makes me wonder if it's to curb people from trading the game in early and hold out to see what the included expansion will offer. Pretty sneaky Microsoft, pretty sneaky indeed.

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