Capcom: Japan Doesn't 'Have A Hope In Hell'

By Jordan Douglas on May 17, 2010, 1:37PM EDT

There's been a lot of discussion inside the gaming industry about the decline of Japan in recent years. In the minds of many, Japan's influence globally is severely lagging behind the West in terms of innovation and quality. Capcom has been a particularly vocal critique of Japanese gaming culture. The latest comes from Lost Planet 2's producer, Jun Takeuchi, who fears if there isn't drastic change Japan won't "have a hope in hell" of catching up with the West.

In an interview with Xbox World 360, Takeuchi said: "If the Japanese games industry doesn't evolve and simply maintains its current status quo, I really don't think we have a hope in hell. Drastically innovative ideas are needed - and quickly - to equal or exceed the Western games industry."

While Takeuchi makes a valid point, his own work on Lost Planet 2 hasn't been greeted as warmly in the West as he probably would have liked. Check out our Lost Planet 2 review for more.

Source: CVG

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