Doom II And Voodoo Dice Coming To Xbox Live Arcade Tomorrow

By Jamie Courts on May 25, 2010, 11:38AM EDT

Tomorrow's Xbox Live Marketplace update will feature two games added to the lineup of arcade titles offered by the service. The first title being Voodoo Dice, a strategy game of sorts involving odd looking dice. The second being a port of the 1994 classic, Doom II.

Details on what Voodoo Dice is exactly aren't all that clear. Apparently its a sort of action game with 60 single player levels and 20 multiplayer levels as well, which are playable over Xbox Live. Doom II is also fairly self-explanatory by now, but for those who aren't sure what Doom is, shoot monsters with big guns in a First-Person perspective.

Both titles will be available this Wednesday on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 800 MS points each, which is roughly $10 a piece in real money. The graphical aspect of the Doom II port could be worthwhile, but it's kind of hard to remember how good the game looked to begin with, since its aged by 16 years now.

Source: Destructoid

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