EA Partners Surprisingly Welcoming To THQ Partners Program

By Jamie Courts on May 27, 2010, 12:42PM EDT

After just being announced that THQ is opening its partners project, EA Partners General Manager, David DeMartini, has commented that he is happy to hear the announcement. Surprising, especially considering that EA is the largest competition against this new program.

DeMartini has said that this move from THQ is actually "healthy for the industry". DeMartini complimented the idea of having some fresh competition, though he did go on to toot his own horn a bit, stating, "It's great to see other publishers stepping up their support for independent developers like EA Partners has been doing for the past 15 years."

It's good to see this kind of camaraderie coming out of a company like EA. To think, that a company as big and all encompassing as EA would welcome a competitor is kind of odd. But it is helpful to have competition in the industry, plus having more publishing opportunities means more help to nurture developers.

Source: VG247

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