First Footage of Enslaved Revealed

By Shawn Collier on May 9, 2010, 2:29PM EDT

After revealing to the world last year that they were developing a new multiplatform game entitled Enslaved for the Xbox 360 and PS3, developer Ninja Theory has revealed the very footage of the game just recently on GameTrailers TV.

The game is set 150 years in the future, when the human race is dwindling. Players take control of Monkey, who is accompanied by an AI partner called Trip. They are captured and the game focuses on their attempts to escape, but there is one catch. If one of them dies, they both die. The combat will be modeled on tactical action-adventure and as with Heavenly Sword, there are going to be contributions from top quality film and musical veterans.

Enslaved is set for an unspecified 2010 release on both the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Source: GameTrailers TV

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