Guitar Hero Warriors Of Rock Leaked On Amazon

By Jamie Courts on May 26, 2010, 5:04PM EDT

A pre-order seems to have popped its head up over at Amazon for a new Guitar Hero title. It looks like Guitar Hero 6 will be dropping the number, and will instead be released under the title of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.

The listing shows the title for release as a game with guitar bundle packaged for $99.99 USD. Whether or not the surname Warriors of Rock actually hints to some sort of battle mode in the game is unclear. One thing that is confirmed is that rock legends can no longer be used to play all songs, which is for the better anyway, since seeing Kurt Cobain sing Flava Flav is just creepy and so wrong.

It may just be me, but these constant Guitar Heroes and their half-assery seems to be getting a little out of hand. Let's just hope this isn't just another re-hash of the same Guitar Hero Game that has been coming out since Guitar Hero III. Also maybe Guitar Hero should get a little more diverse, rather than just putting metal songs in every game.

Source: Kotaku

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