Joe Danger Coming To PSN June 8

By Jamie Courts on May 31, 2010, 3:42PM EDT

Hot off the heels of Sony's second title utilizing the Create, Share mantra, ModNation Racers, it appears Sony already has another game coming next week under the same design ideology. This time around, it's Stunt. Create. Share with Joe Danger, a downloadable stunt racer coming to the PlayStation Network on June 8.

Joe Danger is a 2.5D style game involving racing along ramp-laden courses to compete for points and show off trick style in custom and shared levels. Think classic Excite Bike, but gorgeous. Utilizing the same sort of creation theme, Players can create their very own stunt courses and race them online.

Sounds like it could be a whole lot of fun. There is no price officially set yet either, though it would probably be safe to say it will most likely be somewhere between the $10-15 range. If it turns out anything like ModNation did, I'm in. Check out the video below to see Joe Danger in action.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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