ModNation Racers PSP Demo Coming May 11

By Adam Ma on May 9, 2010, 11:19AM EDT

Sony has recently announced that ModNation will be releasing a demo on the PSP due May 11, just in time to build up a bit of hype for the games full release towards the end of the month. The demo includes two tracks, and a few different Mods and karts for players to get a sense of what kind of variety they'll be looking at.

The tracks (Lost Temple and Flaming Jumps) will include a lot of jumps, weapons, turns, and things that generally make a racing game fun. The demo will also feature a small sampling of the Track Studio, which will allow players to play creating their own track using the Alpine Theme.

It should give players a pretty good sense of how intuitive the level editor is, and perhaps even give an idea as to how the PS3 version will turn out. ModNation Racers releases on the PSP and PS3 systems simultaneously on May 25 in North America and May 21 in the UK.

Source: VG247

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