Namco VP Wants Cheaper Games

By Jamie Courts on May 21, 2010, 11:20AM EDT

Feel like you're paying too much for your games? Namco Bandai Partners VP, Oliver Comte feels the same way. In a recent interview with MCV, Comte says that the industry is having falling software sales, and that publishers need to change the way they price games.

"I feel all the big video game companies need to join together in a worldwide summit to discuss the future of our industry. I think we have to pull our thoughts together," Comte said on the state of the industry.

Comte comments that he would like games to change pricing structure, but unfortunately he may be going the wrong way with downloadable content. "A good price of a game should be around £20 "“ but for this price we can't make a ten to 15-hour adventure. So for £20 we should offer consumers four to five hours of gameplay, then after that we can make additional money with DLC."

Shortening a game and throwing in the second half in the form of DLC is a really frustrating and backwards way to release games, but a discussion should be had on lowering the main price. Of course I'm ready for cheaper games, but if it means suffering through waves of unnecessary DLC, then I'll stick with the way it is.

Source: MCV

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