Natal Getting Possible Name Change To Wave

By Jamie Courts on May 27, 2010, 2:50PM EDT

Apparently a source close to Microsoft has told NowGamer that Natal will be seeing a name change to "Wave" since Natal is just considered the name of the project. This new source added with a Rumour from a second source earlier in the week does solidify a little more that Natal will get an official name change at this year's E3.

Whether or not the price rumours are also true or not is still pretty unclear. It was earlier speculated that Natal by itself will end up with a cost of $149 at retail, with a bundle including both Natal and an Arcade Xbox 360 unit for $299. Pretty expensive for a camera that detects motion.

The Natal press conference that Microsoft is hosting is planned for a show just before E3 on Sunday, June 13. This event should dispel any rumours, as well as give pricing and a release date for the motion detecting camera. Let's hope it doesn't actually end up that expensive.

Source: NowGamer

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